Ryobi W2300 40cm Electric Chainsaw Review

Cutting trees around your home can be a stressful thing especially if you don’t know how to do it. You need to have the right tool to make that happen. If you don’t have the right tools it becomes a big problem. A tool you can rely on to cut trees around your yard is the Ryobi W2300 40cm Electric Chainsaw. For persons who have never used it before, you may have questions about. In this review, you’ll get to learn more about it so that you can make a choice whether to use it or not.

Product Features

The product has the following features:

  • Bar length-The bar length of the product is 40cm
  • Weight-The electric chainsaw weights 4.9kgs
  • Power- 2300 watts
  • Chain speed-The chain speed is at 16m/s. This is great for quality cutting performance

Benefits of the Product

There are benefits users get when they use this product. Here are the pros you expect to get from the Ryobi W2300 40cm Electric Chainsaw:

  • Easy to use- ease of use is a significant benefit that users of this electric chainsaw get. There is a built-in anti-vibration system that makes it easy to use it. You don’t have to worry about fatigue as you cut trees in your backyard. The anti-vibration system helps to eliminate exhaustion while using it. Additionally, the lightweight design of the tool makes it comfortable to use. The tool’s ease of use makes it a preferred choice by many users.
  • Safety-When you’re cutting wood, safety is paramount. It is possible to cause harm on yourself and others when cutting wood in your compound. Thankfully, this particular tool is safety sensitive. There is a debris reflector that protects users from wood particles from the cutting process. It ensures that the wood chips are as far as possible from users. This is important whether you’re cutting small or big logs of wood.
  • Highly reliable-If you’re looking for a reliable tool. This is a viable option. It has the power you need to cut through hard logs of wood. The reliability of the tool makes it a preferred choice whenever you have a project that requires quality performance.
  • Quiet-The fact that it doesn’t make a lot of noise is a plus for many users. If you need something that will not be problematic to you in terms of noise, you can rely on this tool.
  • Easy to maintain-This is an easy to maintain product. To begin with, cleaning it is easy. All you need to do is to follow the directions of the manufacturer while cleaning it and you’ll help it maintain its shape and functionality for a long time. It’s imperative to use the recommended cleaning products. Moreover, since it is an easy to use the product, there are no complications involved in the use. This makes it easier for users to maintain it in good shape and functional ability for a long time.
  • Design quality-The design quality of the tool is the right one for the work it does. When it comes to cutting trees, you need to use tools that can do a proper job and still maintain a high functional level. Thankfully, this is a product designed to do the hardy job and do it well. For example, it allows for chain and bar lubrication which creates room for continuous cutting. This is a plus for users who have a big project that requires a substantial amount of time. Still on the automatic lubrication of the bar and chain, you’re guaranteed of safety as you use the chainsaw.


The con of the product has to do with chain tensioning. The feature is not efficient. Efficiency is extremely significant for this type of tool.


Generally, this is a product you can rely on to undertake your pruning jobs at home. Also, for any wood cutting projects you have, you can choose the tool to do the hard part for you. Since it is easy to use and it has a proven capacity to produce quality work, you can make it a valuable addition to your workshop. Certainly, it is a tool that will give you value for money.



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